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The Gillionaire Girls proudly present our Crafter & Gatherer Gearset Service.

We are providing Level 90 BiS Crafting & Gathering Pentamelded Gearsets with Instant Delivery, our sets include all Tools for ALL Classes. Our library of Crafting Macros will help you dive right in and craft everything with little to no prior crafting knowledge required.

Our Leveling Gearsets are perfect for those who want a middle ground between our Power Leveling Service and DIY Leveling for your Crafters & Gatherers. Save massive amounts of time by having all required Crafter or Gatherer Armour on-hand without having to look for the correct Gear during the most gruelling Levels between 60 and 90.

We've included Crafting Macros and Gathering Locations for Leveling between 60 and 90 with our Gearsets to make things even more straightforward. This Leveling Gear allows you to upgrade directly at levels 60, 70 and 80; meaning you can bypass the awkward level requirements of regular gearsets e.g. 63, 71 and 81.

If you're interested or have more questions, don't hesitate to contact via our website's Live Chat or Discord. We're always here to help.

Level 90 BiS Pentameld Gearsets

Indagator's Crafting Set (BiS Pentameld)

crafter gatherer bis gear ffxiv melds gillionaire gil materia

All Crafting Tools Pentamelded
Craft Any Item with our Macros
Base Stats: 3958 / 4018 / 601

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Indagator's Gathering Set (BiS Pentameld)

crafter gatherer bis gear ffxiv melds gillionaire gil

All Gathering Tools Pentamelded
Perfect for Prime Collectables
Base Stats: 4012 / 4007 / 921

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Leveling Gearsets

Crafter Leveling Gear

ironworks 60 crafting set ffxivgillionaire onishi 70 crafting set ffxivgillionaire aesthete 80 crafting set ffxivgillionaire

All Crafting Tools for All Classes
Control and CP Melds

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Gatherer Leveling Gear Pack

ironworks 60 gathering set ffxivgillionaire yamashi 70 gathering set ffxivgillionaire aesthete 80 gathering set ffxivgillionaire

All Gathering Tools for All Classes
Gathering Melds

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If you have any questions or would like to purchase our Gearset Services, don't hesitate to contact us via our Live Chat or Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility of ban?

We take account safety and security very seriously, we will never do anything to blatantly disregard Square Enix's Terms of Service such as advertising in-game. Our reputation as the safest provider of Final Fantasy XIV services is what sets us apart from other sellers, and we would never do anything to jeopardize that.

How long will it take to deliver?

We're able to deliver all Gearsets instantly although there may be a wait times of roughly 15 minutes due to our staff organising and double-checking your items:

You can always keep track of our progress by messaging me (Gillionaire Support) via our Live Chat or Discord.

Which payment methods do you accept?

All payments will be carried out via Credit / Debit (VISA / Mastercard) through our dedicated PayPal secure checkout.

Will there be new Gear next Patch?

We do not expect to see any new Crafter or Gatherer armour until the first major patch of the Dawntrail Expansion, which is scheduled to release in Winter 2024. So you can be sure the BiS Sets will serve you well into the next expansion and allow you to transition smoothly to the basic level 100 Crafter & Gatherer gear releasing with Dawntrail.

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