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Win a Nintendo Switch Lite Console

The Gillionaire Girls have done it again! We are proud to announce a Chocobo themed Screenshot Contest that will run from April 19th 2022 to June 28th 2022.

Win a Yellow Nintendo Switch Lite courtesy of none other than the Gillionaire Girls.

Five Runner-Up Prizes: ANY Item from the Final Fantasy XIV “Mog Station” Store

Chocobo Companion Screenshot and Poetry Contest

ffxivgillionaire untitled chocobo contest gilionaire

Thank you everyone for the continued support. We hope to bring more events to give back to the community that has shown us so much love.

How to Enter

Share a screenshot of your in-game Chocobo Companion with an accompanying caption, joke or poem

The winner will be decided by the Gillionaire Girls Judge Panel

Submissions will be judged mainly for their accompanying poem or story on aspects such as motif and creativity. There is no limit to the length of the caption, so storytellers are encouraged to flex their imagination

Join Our Discord


Submitting Your Entry

Open Apr 19 - June 28

We’ve included a step by step on how to submit your Screenshot and Caption for the Valentine’s Day Contest.

  1. Join our Discord Server
  2. Find the CONTEST-TIME Category in our Discord Server
  3. Read the rules
    ffxivgillionaire untitled chocobo contest gilionaire rules
  4. Submit your entry in the following format:

    Title: [Title of your submission]
    [Final Fantasy XIV Couple Screenshot]
    [Accompanying Caption]ffxivgillionaire untitled chocobo contest gilionaire submission

  5. React to your own and any other submissions you like for hype
  6. Listen out for any Announcements in the #announcements channelffxivgillionaire untitled chocobo contest gilionaire announcement

Thank You for the Continued Support

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