Miner 1-80 Leveling Guide (5.5)

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This guide will show you how to quickly level your Miner class in Final Fantasy XIV. We will assume you have no prior knowledge of the gathering system, although it is admittedly quite simple when leveling up is your main focus. This guide aims to be as simple as possible, what to gather at which levels and what to do to keep things progressing smoothly.

Useful Resources:

Main Class Level 80

  • It is expected that your main class is Level 80 with the Shadowbringers Main Scenario completed for access to all maps

3-5 Million Gil

  • You will need some starting funds to purchase gear, tools, materia, food and materials to prepare for the journey from 1-80
  • Visit our Gil Store, we are the only dedicated sellers of legitimately farmed gil and are able to provide gil at low prices
  • It’s strongly advised to use universalis.app to check the Market Board prices for all Worlds on your Data Center, it will save you a lot of gil in the long run

Access to Survival Manuals

  • You will need access to Survival Manuals to provide a +50% boost to EXP
  • There are various types of Survival Manuals scale their EXP boost depending on your level
  • The easiest way to obtain Survival Manuals is by Grand Company Seals


  • Cordials will be needed throughout the leveling process to replenish GP
  • GP can be used to earn bonus EXP so Cordials are essential to leveling as fast as possible
  • NQ or HQ Cordials can be used

Mushroom Saute (HQ)

  • Mushroom Saute will be our food of choice as it can be found cheaply on the Market Board and provides great stats in addition to the 3% EXP boost
  • The Gathering stat bonus will have an effect even at lower levels and increases your chances of successfully gathering items that are slightly above your level

EXP Boosts & Bonuses

Aside from the Rest EXP Bonus and the +3% from consuming Food items ; there are a number of stackable buffs, gear and methods that can be used to increase EXP yields and level up even faster:

Road to 70 (Preferred Worlds) (+100%)

Those who are on Preferred Worlds are the most privileged group, receiving a +100% bonus to ALL EXP gained until Level 70. This means the effort required to reach Level 70 is essentially halved.

Survival Manuals (+50%)

Survival Manuals grant +50% EXP and in most cases, hugely cut down the amount of time required to level your gatherers. They will expire after granting you a specified allowance of EXP. Bonus EXP is halved once your surpass the level cap for each Survival Manual. This buff does not affect hand-ins or levequest EXP rewards.

  • Company-issue Survival Manual (Up to Lv. 40)
  • Company-issue Survival Manual II (Up to Lv. 50)
  • Commercial Survival Manual (Up to Lv. 70)
  • Revised Survival Manual (Up to Lv. 80)

Commercial Manuals are rewarded for completing level 50 and 60 Class Quests for gatherer classes. Revised Manuals are rewarded for completing Crystarium Deliveries, and can be bought with Yellow Gatherers’ Scrips.

Earth and Water II (Free Company Buff) (+10%)

For those who are part of a Free Company willing to activate this buff, you’ll receive a small boost of +10% EXP while gathering. This buff does not affect hand-ins or levequest EXP rewards.

Bonus EXP Gear

  • Friendship Circlet +20% (up to level 26)
  • Ala Mhigan Earrings +30% EXP (up to level 51)

Those fortunate enough to have access to Bonus EXP gear can wear this gear until their level caps for a nice boost. Bonuses from this gear does stack and swapping in this gear will not affect the Macros suggested in this guide. That said, this buff does not affect hand-ins or levequest EXP rewards.

Gathering Log, Levequests or Diadem?

As of patch 5.5, there are various methods of leveling up your gatherer classes which can lead to confusion for newer players. We’ll just come out and say it now; they are all pretty much the same in terms of speed, although they do have specific advantages and disadvantages. Levequests and Diadem can be used exclusively to level your characters all the way up to 80 as long as the prerequisites are met.

This guide will mainly focus on using the Gathering Log for optimizing EXP rate, while suggesting appropriate times that Levequests or Diadem can be used to keep things moving at a nice pace. You may decide to focus on only one method, or employ a combination of all.

We’ll outline each method, and how you can utilise their advantages to make your leveling experience as smooth as possible.

Gathering Log (Overworld)

This is the regular, vanilla way of leveling up your gathering classes. Gather items in your gathering log from various maps around Eorzea. You’ll need to upgrade gear as you gatherer higher level items while leveling up. Simple!

  • No pre-requisite quests or level requirements, can equip your tools and get started right away
  • Gathering HQ items awards bonus EXP, gathering skills that grant HQ Chance Up can greatly speed things up
  • Most Class Quests require items from your Gathering Log so you can hit two birds with one stone
  • Requires appropriate gear to fully take advantage of the benefits, can become expensive at later levels
  • Will need to regularly upgrade gear between 1-50 to keep up with the increasing stat requirements of items in your Gathering Log
  • You will need to have unlocked flying in all Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers maps


Levequests or Leves, are repeatable quests that involve taking to an NPC, going to a designated location and then activating the quest to complete the specified task. These award large amounts of EXP when completed. Levequests are repeatable but come with an allowance, you will be given three leves every 12 hours (12 per day) with a maximum cap of 100. Your Levequest allowance can be checked anytime in your Quest Journal. Levequests above level 50 are far more streamlined than previous levels so it becomes an even better option at higher levels.

  • Quests are not challenging, can be completed within minutes with large EXP rewards
  • Levequests are repeatable but rarely have to be repeated more than twice to reach the next level
  • Slightly lower gear requirements than Overworld gathering, useful as a quick way to gain a level or two to reach the next tier of gear
  • Despite the EXP rewards, it can be time consuming to return to the Levemete NPC every time you accept and complete Levequests. 
  • Requires a a short side quest with DoW / DoM Class to unlock Levequests on maps below level 50
  • Although rarely an issue, it depends on your Levequest allowance to be sufficient

Diadem aka Ishgardian Restoration

Lauded as the holy land of EXP, Ishgardian Restoration involves a side quest about building the housing district in Ishgard. Players can gather and craft items for EXP rewards and rare items. Gatherer leveling takes place in the Diadem, a huge map where everybody flies around showing off their mounts. All gathering takes place in this map regardless of your level, which makes things extremely simple. The only requirement to unlock the side quest is a single gatherer or crafting class at level 20, but items can be gathered at as low as level 10 after this.

  • Quick Gathering can be activated to make gathering easier with no loss in EXP rate
  • Very low gear requirements, gear only needs to be upgraded at level 10 and level 60
  • All leveling takes place on a single map that does not require flying to be unlocked, everyone can fly in the Diadem
  • No Bonuses or EXP rewards, gathering only grants flat EXP that scales with your level
  • Sometimes more time spent flying than gathering in the large map, which slows things down greatly
  • Quickly burns through Survival Manuals due to lack of bonus EXP.

Level 1-25

First, you’ll need to unlock the Miner class at the Miner’s Guild in Uldah. You’ll be given a Level 1 Weathered Pickaxe with a level 1 quest to complete. Now we can get to gathering.

Note: Gathering new items awards bonus EXP so gather every new item you come across at least once for the extra experience points.

Level 1: 10 Copper Ore
Level 5: 50 Bone Chip
Level 10: 99 Obsidian
Level 15: 10 Cinnabar (HQ)
Level 20: 99 Grade 1 Carbonized Matter

Level 1: Western Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing
Level 5: Western Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing
Level 10: Western Thanalan, Horizon
Level 15: Eastern Thanalan, Camp Drybone
Level 20: South Shroud, Quarrymill

Level 1-5

Gather Copper Ore until level 5

Hand in 10 Copper Ore for the level 1 Miner Quest and equip the Hempen Dalmatica of Gathering (Body).

Level 6-10

Gather Bone Chip until level 10

Hand in 50 Bone Chip for the level 5 Miner Quest. Choose Leather Culottes (Legs) as the Quest Reward and equip it with the Bronze Pickaxe.

Level 10-15

Gather Obsidian until level 15

hand in 99 Obsidian for the level 10 Miner Quest. Choose the Straw Hat (Head) as the Quest Reward and equip it with the Bronze Sledgehammer.

Note: Obsidian can be purchased from Ferreol, the Guild Supplier in the Carpenter’s Guild in New Gridania (X: 10.8 Y: 12.1)

Level 15-20

You’ve now unlocked the level 15 Action Unearth (100 GP). This will grant you a 10% increased chance of gathering HQ items. This is the most important Miner Action for leveling up your Miner class because gathering HQ items awards double EXP as a bonus. Ensure that you stock up on Cordials (NQ / HQ) to replenish GP as you will be using Unearth as often as you possibly can.

Gather Cinnabar until level 20

Hand in 10 Cinnabar (HQ) for the level 15 Miner Quest. Choose the Hard Leather Espadrilles (Feet) as the Quest Reward and equip it with the Recruit’s Sledgehammer.

Level 20-25

From Level 20, you will need to purchase some new armour and tools to meet the stat requirements for gathering level 20 items. You may buy the appropriate Gear from Iron Thunder and Syneyhil in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks.

Note: You can buy a whole fresh new set of level 18-20 Gear if you wish, the recommended Gear is only for the minimum and assumes that you selected the suggested rewards for the previous Quests.

Syneyhil – Fieldcraft Supplier – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 6.3 Y: 11.)

Iron Thunder – Battlecraft Supplier – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 8.1 Y: 11.6)

 Main HandOff Hand
ToolsIron Pickaxe (19)Initiate’s Sledgehammer (19)
BodyCotton Dalmatica of Gathering (18)
HandsCotton Work Gloves (20)
LegsInitiate’s Slops (20)

Gather and hand in 99 Grade 1 Carbonized Matter for the level 20 Miner Quest. Choose Cotton Coif of Gathering (Head) as the Quest Reward and equip it.

Gather Earth Rock / Silver Sand until level 25. Remember to gather every other item at least once for bonus EXP. Use Unearth and Cordials as often as you possibly can while gathering.

Level 25-50

Things will slightly get more tricky from 25 onwards, you’ll now see less than 100% gathering chance if your gear / stats / level are below the requirements of the items being gathered. We’ll now be recommending gearsets to meet the minimum requirements and keep gathering as smooth as possible.

Level 25: 15 Effervescent Water (HQ)
Level 30: 15 Wyvern Obsidian (HQ)
Level 35: 20 Raw Amethyst (HQ)
Level 40: 20 Jade (HQ)
Level 45: 20 Electrum Ore (HQ)
Level 50: 3 Darksteel Ore

Level 25: South Shroud, Quarrymill
Level 30: Eastern La Noscea, Costa del Sol
Level 35: Coerthas Central Highlands, First Dicasterial Observatorium
Level 40: Coerthas Central Highlands, Whitebrim Front
Level 45: Mor Dhona, Saint Coinach’s Find

Level 25-30

Gather Effervescent Water until level 28.

Hand in 15 Effervescent Water (HQ) for the level 25 Miner Quest. Choose Velveteen Coatee of Gathering (Body) as the Quest Reward and equip it with your new Novice’s Sledgehammer.

Purchase this Gearset before proceeding to the next gathering point.

Syneyhil – Fieldcraft Supplier – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 6.3 Y: 11.)

Iron Thunder – Battlecraft Supplier – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 8.1 Y: 11.6)

Main Hand Off Hand
Tools Iron Dolabra Novice’s Sledgehammer
Head Velveteen Wedge Cap of Gathering
Body Velveteen Coatee of Gathering
Hands Fingerless Goatskin Gloves of Gathering
Belt Toadskin Survival Belt
Legs Velveteen Sarouel of Gathering
Feet Goatskin Crakows of Gathering

Gather Wyvern Obsidian until level 30.

Hand in 15 Wyvern Obsidian (HQ) for the level 30 Miner Quest. Select the Toadskin Culottes (HQ) as the Quest Reward and equip them with the Steel Pickaxe.

Level 30-35

Levequests are highly recommended at this stage, you will be able to jump a few levels and get to level 35 without much effort. Teleport to Costa Del Sol and set your Homepoint there if you wish to do the level 30 Levequests here. Use King’s Yield (400 GP) while doing Levequests to make the tasks easier. It will require approximately 4 Levequests in Costa Del Sol to go from level 30 to level 35.

Otherwise, gather Raw Garnet until level 35.

Level 35-40

Syneyhil – Fieldcraft Supplier – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 6.3 Y: 11.)

Iron Thunder – Battlecraft Supplier – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 8.1 Y: 11.6)

 Main HandOff Hand
ToolsSteel DolabraWrapped Steel Sledgehammer
HeadAngler’s Hat
BodyApprentice’s Doublet
HandsFingerless Boarskin Gloves of Gathering
LegsLinen Sarouel of Gathering
FeetBoarskin Crakows of Gathering

Gather and hand in 20 Raw Amethyst (HQ) for the level 35 Miner Quest.

Gather Raw Tourmaline / Raw Spinel until level 40.

Now is a good time to use Mushroom Saute (HQ), the stat boost will help on items with a gathering rate around below 100%.

Equip Quest Rewards as you receive them.

Level 40-45

Gather Jade until level 43.

Hand in 20 Jade (HQ) for the level 40 Miner Quest.

Remember to use Mushroom Saute (HQ) if you haven’t begun doing so already, the stat boost with increase your gathering rate if it’s below 100%.

Gather Raw TurquoiseElectrum Ore until level 45.

Hand in 20 Electrum Ore (HQ) for the level 45 Miner Quest.

Level 45-50

Eat Mushroom Saute (HQ) for the stat buffs.

Gather Basilisk Egg / Cobalt Ore until level 50.

Purchase 3 Darksteel Ore from the Market Board (Normal Quality is ok) and hand them in for the level 50 Miner Quest. You can equip the rewards for now.

Level 50-60

Congratulations on reaching level 50, the goal now is to use Levequests to quickly jump to level 53. At level 53 we can buy HQ gear, meld it with materia and use it until level 63.

  • Use Unearth as often as you possibly can while gathering
  • Stock up on Cordials and use them
  • Use Mushroom Saute (HQ) for the great stat boosts and EXP bonus

Level 53: 10 Mythrite Ore (HQ)
Level 55: 10 Titanium Ore (HQ)
Level 58: 10 Hardsilver Ore (HQ)
Level 60: 3 Adamantite Ore (HQ)

Accept and complete Level 50 Levequests in Ishgard until level 53.

Purchase 10 Mythrite Ore (HQ) from the Market Board and hand them in for the level 53 Miner Quest.

We will now be upgrading to the Gearset below, you must purchase the armour (HQ) from the market board and also acquire 15 Gatherer’s Guerdon IV Materia (G +6). For the tools, we recommend purchasing a Mythrite Pickaxe (HQ) & Mythrite Sledgehammer (HQ). You can meld one G +6 Materia to each.

All Gear must be High Quality (HQ)

Head: Holy Rainbow Hat (G +6)
Body: Wyvernskin Jerkin (G +6 / G +6)
Hands: Holy Rainbow Work Gloves (G +6 / G +6)
Waist: Wyvernskin Field Belt (G +6)
Legs: Wyvernskin Culottes (G +6)
Feet: Wyvernskin Workboots (CP +6)
Ears: Mythrite Earrings of Gathering (G +6)
Neck: Wyvernskin Choker (G +6)
Wrists: Wyvernskin Wristbands (G +6)
Left Ring: Wyvernskin Ring (G +6)
Right Ring: Wyvernskin Ring (G +6)

Your total stats with Mushroom Saute (HQ) should now be enough to take you to level 60 without further upgrades.

If you do not wish to upgrade your gear, or you cannot due to a lack of funds. You can do your leveling in the Diadem up to level 60 without having to upgrade your gear.

Gather Titanium OreRaw Star Sapphire until level 56.

Hand in 10 Titanium Ore (HQ) for the level 55 Miner Quest.

Gather Hardsilver Sand Cloud Mica until level 58.

Gather Hardsilver Ore Raw Chrysolite until level 60.

Hand in 10 Hardsilver Ore (HQ) for the level 58 Miner Quest.

 Purchase 3 Adamantite Ore (HQ) from the Market Board and hand them in for the level 60 Miner Quest.

Level 60-70

Congratulations on reaching level 60. Our goal is to quickly reach level 63 to reach the next Gearset tier that will last us until level 71. You will lose momentum if you are not prepared to upgrade gear at level 63 because Ishgard Restoration also requires new gear for its level 60 tier.

Note: Those with sufficient funds will be able to purchase and equip the Ironworks Gathering Set with materia melds directly at level 60.

  • Use Unearth often
  • Use Cordials often
  • Use Mushroom Saute (HQ)

Accept and Complete Level 60 Levequests in Kugane or gather Raw Chrysolite until level 63.

We will now be upgrading to the Gearset below, you must purchase the armour (HQ) from the market board and also acquire 14 Gatherer’s Guerdon V Materia (G +10). For the tools, we recommend purchasing a High Steel Dolabra (HQ) & High Steel Sledgehammer (HQ). You can meld one G +10 Materia to each.

Level 63: 3 Beggar’s Mythril Ore (HQ)
Level 65: 5 Feather Iron Ore (HQ)
Level 68: 8 Serpentine (HQ)
Level 70: 5 Pummelite

All Gear must be High Quality (HQ)

Head: Gyuki Leather Hat (G +10)
Body: Gyuki Leather Jacket (G +10 / G +10)
Hands: Gyuki Leather Gloves of Gathering (G +10 / G +10)
Waist: Gaganaskin Belt of Gathering (G +10)
Legs: Gyuki Leather Chaps (G +10)
Feet: Gyuki Leather Boots of Gathering
Ears:Gyuki Leather Earrings (G +10)
Neck:Gyuki Leather Choker (G +10)
Wrists:Gyuki Leather Wristband (G +10)
Left Ring:Gyuki Leather Ring (G +10)
Right Ring:Gyuki Leather Ring (G +10)

You should have now received a huge stat boost from the new gear and Gatherer’s Guerdon V Materia (G +10), more than enough to power you to 70.

Complete the level 63 Miner Quest; you will need to gather 3 Beggar’s Mythril Ore (HQ), which are only available while this quest is active.

Gather Crescent Spring Water until level 65.

Complete the level 65 Miner Quest; you will need to gather 5 Feather Iron Ore (HQ), which are only available while this quest is active.

Gather Durium Sand / Doman Iron Sand until level 68.

Complete the level 68 Miner Quest; you will need to gather 8 Serpentine (HQ), which are only available while this quest is active.

Gather Palladium Sand until level 70.

Accept and complete the level 70 Miner Quest; you will need to gather 5 Pummelite, which are only available at 08:00-10:00 / 20:00-22:00 Eorzea Time while this quest is active.

Gather Molybdenum Ore while waiting for the node’s time window.

Level 70-80

Congratulations on reaching level 70, the final stretch. Once again, our goal to upgrade our Gearset at Level 71. The level 70 tier is less difficult than some earlier levels due to Crystarium Deliveries, non-repeatable quests that grant large EXP rewards while also offering 70+ Survival Manuals and Gatherers’ Scrips. These quests are shared between Miner and Botanist, and can only be completed on one of these classes at each level (70, 73, 75, 78). This means that if you have completed any of these quests on Botanist, you will not be able to complete that quest again on Miner.

Yellow Gatherers’ Scrips awarded by Crystarium Deliveries should be used to purchase Revised Survival Manuals from the Scrip Exchange, requires Collectables Scrip Exchange to be unlocked.

Before continuing, we’ll be upgrading to the Gearset below, you must purchase the armour (HQ) from the market board and also acquire 14 Gatherer’s Guerdon VI Materia (G +15). For the tools, we recommend purchasing a Deepgold Pickaxe (HQ) & Deepgold Sledgehammer (HQ). You can meld one G +15 Materia to each.

All Gear must be High Quality (HQ)

Head:Brightlinen Turban of Gathering (G +15)
Body:Brightlinen Coat of Gathering (G +15 / G +15)
Hands:Smilodonskin Gloves of Gathering (G +15 / G +15)
Waist:Smilodonskin Survival Belt (G +15)
Legs:Brightlinen Bottoms of Gathering (G +15)
Feet:Smilodonskin Shoes of Gathering
Ears:Smilodonskin Earrings (G +15)
Neck:Smilodonskin Choker (G +15)
Wrists:Smilodonskin Wristband (G +15)
Left Ring:Smilodonskin Ring (G +15)
Right Ring:Smilodonskin Ring (G +15)

  • Use Unearth
  • Use Cordials
  • Use Mushroom Saute (HQ)
  • Use Yellow Gatherers’ Scrips from Crystarium Deliveries to buy Revised Survival Manuals

Crystarium Levequests are always available if you ever lose momentum or want to jump a few levels.

Level 70: 18 Animal Trace (HQ)
Level 73: 18 Animal Droppings (HQ)
Level 75: 18 Megafauna Leftovers (HQ)
Level 78: 18 Megafauna Trace (HQ)

If you have Chrystarium Deliveries available:

Gather Animal Trace until level 73.

Hand in 18 Animal Trace (HQ) for the level 70 Crystarium Delivery Quest.

Gather Animal Droppings until level 75.

Hand in 18 Animal Droppings (HQ) for the level 73 Crystarium Delivery Quest.

Gather Megafauna Leftovers until level 78.

Hand in 18 Megafauna Leftovers (HQ) for the level 75 Crystarium Delivery Quest.

Gather Megafauna Trace until level 80.

Hand in 18 Megafauna Trace (HQ) for the level 78 Crystarium Delivery Quest before you reach level 80. Otherwise, save them for your Botanist class.

If you DO NOT have Chrystarium Deliveries available:

Gather Animal Trace until level 72.

Gather Truegold Ore / Highland Spring Water until level 74.

Gather Bluespirit Ore until level 77.

Gather Underground Spring Water until level 80.

So You've Just Leveled Your Miner to 80

Congratulations on leveling your Miner to 80, the next step would be to level up your Botanist to 80 if you haven’t already done so.

After that, you’ll need to:

  • Upgrade your gear to the current gatherer BiS with materia melds
  • Farm Collectables and Yellow Gatherers’ Scrips to unlock Folklore Gathering

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