Gathering Achievements and Relic Tools (Resplendent)

Gathering Achievements and Relic Tools (Resplendent)

This guide will show you how to obtain the rare Achievement Relic Gathering Tools. These are special Tools that feature glowing particle effects that can be Glamoured onto your Gatherer Main Hand.

Gatherer Class Level 90 with BiS Gear

All Aether Currents Unlocked

  • You will need to have your Aether Currents unlocked to fly to and reach all required gathering locations
ffxivgillionaire relic achievements log resplendent

Blessed and Resplendent Tools

  • I Found that V – Discover 150 Miner / 230 Botanist / 460 Fisher items – Level 60
  • I Found that VI – Discover 180 Miner / 280 Botanist / 780 Fisher items – Level 70
  • I Found that VII – Discover 220 Miner / 340 Botanist / 1,140 Fisher items – Level 80 (Resplendent)
To complete I Found That V-VII, you simply need to gather items from your Gathering Log until you have found the designated number of unique items. This is a fairly straightforward process as the Gathering Log includes the location for each item, multiple items are commonly found on a single node so these Achievements can be completed fairly quickly.
ffxivgillionaire relic gathering log resplendent
Each item you successfully gather will be marked in your Gathering Log. Items from Regional Folklore Gathering do contribute to these Achievements. Rarefied Collectables and Ishgardian Restoration do not. 
Hidden items can be revealed via the Action Luck of the Mountaineer / Pioneer.

Fisher Achievements

The Fisher Achievements, especially the Resplendent Fishing Rod are a much larger undertaking than all other Relic Tools and will require weeks of work to obtain. You will require an combination of resources to properly catch each required fish. The Fish that do contribute to the Fishing Log include Ocean Fishing, Big Fish as well as Spearfishing. Some rare fish can also only be caught in Housing areas. You will also require a number of various different Fishing Baits and Lures to catch specific fish. Be sure to stock up on High Quality Cordials and Hi-Cordials also. 


FFXIV Angler is the absolute best resource for Fishing and will be an invaluable tool in revealing the conditions and bait required for every fish.

Carbuncle Plushie will help you track which fish are currently active, determined by Weather and Time conditions.

Lulu’s Ocean Fishing Tracker will tell you which bait and Fishing Objectives for each voyage in real time. Very useful for catching Ocean Fishing exclusive fish that require the Fisher’s Intuition buff.

The majority of fish do not have any specific conditions other than the Bait or Lure used to catch them, fish marked in the Fishing Log with ??? for Weather and Time conditions are likely to be Big Fish with very specific conditions to be caught. Once conditions have been met for Big Fish, you may receive a notification such as “A massive shadow slides across the floor”, the catch is not guaranteed even if all the conditions have been met so don’t give up or be discouraged if you miss the fish or do not even get a bite (especially after using Surface Slap to remove undesirable fish).

ffxivgillionaire fishing big fish achievements resplendent gathering

It is recommended to use Yakow Moussaka HQ food for the GP boost enabling you to have 950+ starting GP as a Fisher

For Fish that require you to Mooch another fish; fish normally until you catch the desired fish, use Mooch if it is Large, use Mooch II if it is not Large.

If Mooch II is on cooldown and you catch a Normal-sized fish, use Prize Catch -> Identical Cast to catch the same fish and guarantee it is Large for a subsequent Mooch.

Prize Catch -> Identical Cast -> Mooch -> Mooch II can also be employed for double Mooch fish.

If opting to use Patience II, use the appropriate hookset (Precision for ! / Powerful for !! or !!!) to increase the likelihood of the subsequent fish being Large. Some !!! fish require the Precision Hookset so it is always good to double-check with Carbuncle Plushie.

Some Fish caught via Spearfishing will require you to catch a specific number of another fish in the location to uncover their [Swimming Shadows] Spearfishing node. An example is the Bothriolepis in Lakeland, which requires you to initially catch 10 Noble Fish.

There are helpful YouTube videos for every single Big Fish as well as other elusive fish so be sure to do some research if you find yourself losing momentum while working on the Fishing Achievements.

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