Gatherer BiS Gear & Materia Melds

This guide will show you the optimal materia melds for the Aesthete’s Gathering Gear, which is the BiS (Best in Slot) for Gatherers in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.5. The gear and melds chosen will allow you to easily gather any item in the game and receive all gathering node bonuses.

Aesthete's Gathering Gear Melds & Stats

These melds will achieve base stats of 2741 Gathering, 2643 Perception and 858 GP.

This gearset will enable all node bonuses in the game, such as those in the Diadem. You’ll also easily be able to reach max collectability when gathering collectables or for Aetherial Reduction.

How to Acquire Aesthete's Gathering Gear

The fastest way to obtain the full Aesthete’s Gathering Set is to buy it directly from the Market Board. Otherwise you will need your crafters leveled, and you will have to grind out the materials and craft the items yourself. It is highly recommended to just buy the gear from the Market Board, time spent grinding out gear to equip would be better spend crafting gear to sell for profit. It can cost roughly 5 Million (3 Mil for Gear / Tools + 2 Mil for Materia) to fully gear up your gatherer classes.

Check out to search the Market Board on all servers to find the lowest prices.

If you would like to craft the gear yourself, check out our BiS Crafter Gear guide and Crafting Macros.

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