Crafter Class Quest Items Guide

This is a short guide on the required turn-in items for Crafter Class Quests in Final Fantasy XIV. Below includes the required turn-in items and the fasted way to obtain each item. This will help those who've just leveled their crafters to 90 quickly complete their Class Quests to unlock the Manipulation crafting action.

Vendor NPC Locations

Blue LilyIndependent ApothecaryLower Decks (X: 8.4 Y: 11.8)
EngerrandTradecraft SupplierLower Decks (X: 8.9 Y: 11.8)
FaezghimBattlecraft SupplierLower Decks (X: 6.5 Y: 11.9)
Iron ThunderBattlecraft SupplierLower Decks (X: 8.1 Y: 11.6)
JossyGuild SupplierUpper Decks (X: 9.0 Y: 7.0)
SmydhaemrGuild SupplierUpper Decks (X: 10.6 Y: 15.1)
SorchaIndependent JewelerLower Decks (X: 8.5 Y: 11.4)
SyneyhilFieldcraft SupplierLower Decks (X: 6.3 Y: 11.9)

Class Quest Items

11 maple lumberMaple LumberSmydhaemr
53 square maple shieldSquare Maple ShieldFaezghim
1012 ash lumberAsh LumberSmydhaemr
151 feathered harpoonFeathered Harpoon
1 ash shortbowAsh Shortbow
201 iron lanceIron Lance + Any Materia IFaezghim
251 walnut lumberWalnut Lumber (HQ)Market Board
301 walnut caneWalnut Cane (HQ)Market Board
351 oak longbowOak Longbow (HQ)Market Board
401 oak composite bowOak Composite Bow (HQ)Market Board
451 cobalt halberdCobalt Halberd (HQ)
1 jade crookJade Crook (HQ)
1 yew longbowYew Longbow (HQ)
Market Board
501 rosewood lumberRosewood Lumber (HQ)
1 crab bowCrab Bow (HQ) + savage aim materia iiiSavage Aim Materia III
Market Board
531 holy cedar composite bowHoly Cedar Composite Bow (HQ)Market Board
551 dark chestnut rodDark Chestnut Rod (HQ)Market Board
583 birch lumberBirch Lumber (HQ)Market Board
601 adamantite tridentAdamantite Trident (HQ)Market Board
631 lavish dressing caseLavish Dressing Case (HQ)Crafted
651 stylish pipe boxStylish Pipe Box (HQ)Crafted
681 ornate partitionOrnate Partition (HQ)Crafted
701 teahouse benchTeahouse Bench (HQ)Crafted
11 bronze ingotBronze IngotEngerrand
53 bronze cross-pein hammerBronze Cross-pein HammerSyneyhil
1012 bronze rivetsBronze RivetsEngerrand
151 bronze spathaBronze Spatha
1 spiked bronze labrysSpiked Bronze Labrys
201 iron cross-pein hammerIron Cross-pein Hammer + Any Materia ISyneyhil
251 steel ingotSteel Ingot (HQ)Market Board
301 plumed iron hatchet hqPlumed Iron Hatchet (HQ)Market Board
351 steel bhujSteel Bhuj (HQ)Market Board
401 wrapped crowsbeak hammer hqWrapped Crowsbeak Hammer (HQ)Market Board
451 cobalt knucklesCobalt Knuckles (HQ)
1 buccaneer's bardicheBuccaneer's Bardiche (HQ)
1 cobalt shamshirCobalt Shamshir (HQ)
Market Board
501 cobalt wingletCobalt Winglet (HQ) + savage might materia iiiSavage Might Materia IIIMarket Board
533 mythrite rivetsMythrite Rivets (HQ)Market Board
551 titanium bastard swordTitanium Bastard Sword (HQ)Market Board
581 titanium lump hammerTitanium Lump Hammer (HQ)Market Board
601 adamantite wingletAdamantite Winglet (HQ)Market Board
631 featherlight shortswordFeatherlight Shortsword (HQ)Crafted
651 heavy uchigatanaHeavy Uchigatana (HQ)Crafted
681 custom-made hammerCustom-made Hammer (HQ)Crafted
701 examination uchigatanaExamination Uchigatana (HQ)Crafted
11 bronze ingotBronze IngotEngerrand
53 bronze hoplonBronze HoplonFaezghim
1012 bronze plateBronze PlateSmydhaemr
151 decorated bronze barbutDecorated Bronze Barbut
1 bronze bucklerBronze Buckler
Iron Thunder
201 iron hoplonIron Hoplon + Any Materia IFaezghim
251 steel ingotSteel Ingot (HQ)Market Board
301 steel chainmailSteel Chainmail (HQ)Market Board
351 steel frypan hqSteel Frypan (HQ)Market Board
401 mythril cuirassMythril Cuirass (HQ)Market Board
451 mythril-plated caligaeMythril-plated Caligae (HQ)
1 reinforced mythril elmoReinforced Mythril Elmo (HQ)
1 mythril solleretsMythril Sollerets (HQ)
Market Board
501 cobalt haubergeonCobalt Haubergeon (HQ) + 1 heavens' eye materia iiiHeavens' Eye Materia IIIMarket Board
531 titanium mask of strikingTitanium Mask of StrikingMarket Board
551 titanium cuirass of strikingTitanium Cuirass of Maiming (HQ)Market Board
581 titanium hoplonTitanium Hoplon (HQ)Market Board
601 adamantite lorica of fendingAdamantite Lorica of Fending (HQ)Market Board
631 paladin mailPaladin Mail (HQ)Crafted
651 titanium koteTitanium Kote (HQ)Crafted
681 tournament somenTournament Somen (HQ)Crafted
701 lominsan hara-ateLominsan Hara-ate (HQ)Crafted
11 copper ingotCopper IngotEngerrand
53 copper gorgetCopper GorgetSorcha
1012 copper ringsCopper RingsCrafted*
151 fang earringsFang Earrings, 1 brass gorgetBrass GorgetSorcha
201 staghorn staffStaghorn Staff + Any Materia IFaezghim
251 silver ingot hqSilver Ingot (HQ)Market Board
301 malachite earringsMalachite Earrings (HQ)Market Board
351 fire brandFire Brand (HQ)Market Board
401 horn staffHorn Staff (HQ)Market Board
451 electrum circlet (amber)Electrum Circlet (Amber) (HQ)
1 electrum circlet (spinel)Electrum Circlet (Spinel) (HQ)
1 electrum circlet (zircon)Electrum Circlet (Zircon) (HQ)
Market Board
501 black pearl ringBlack Pearl Ring (HQ) + 1 piety materia iiiPiety Materia IIIMarket Board
531 hardsilver bangle of castingHardsilver Bangle of CastingMarket Board
551 hardsilver ingotHardsilver IngotMarket Board
581 aurum regis cylinderAurum Regis CylinderMarket Board
601 star sapphire music boxStar Sapphire Music Box
1 star ruby music boxStar Ruby Music Box
Market Board
631 sample silver ringSample Silver Ring (HQ)Crafted
651 precision spectaclesPrecision Spectacles (HQ)Crafted
681 sample chronometerSample Chronometer (HQ)Crafted
701 tribute orchestrionTribute Orchestrion (HQ)Crafted
11 leatherLeatherEngerrand
53 leather chokerLeather ChokerSorcha
1012 hard leatherHard LeatherSmydhaemr
151 hard leather caligaeHard Leather Caligae
1 hard leather chokerHard Leather Choker
Iron Thunder
201 goatskin leggingsGoatskin Leggings + Any Materia IIron Thunder
251 toad leatherToad Leather (HQ)Market Board
301 toadskin jacketToadskin Jacket (HQ)Market Board
351 boarskin ringbandsBoarskin Ringbands (HQ)Market Board
401 boarskin smithy's glovesBoarskin Smithy's Gloves (HQ)Market Board
451 fingerless raptorskin glovesFingerless Raptorskin Gloves (HQ)
1 raptorskin targeRaptorskin Targe (HQ)
1 raptorskin chokerRaptorskin Choker (HQ)
Market Board
501 raptorskin jerkinRaptorskin Jerkin (HQ) + 1 gatherer's grasp materia iiiGatherer's Grasp Materia IIIMarket Board
531 wyvernskin workbootsWyvernskin Workboots (HQ)Market Board
551 dhalmelskin leggings of scoutingDhalmelskin Leggings of Scouting (HQ)Market Board
581 dragonskin chokerDragonskin Choker (HQ)Market Board
601 chivalric longcoat of aimingChivalric Longcoat of AimingMarket Board
631 large dhalmel capeLarge Dhalmel Cape (HQ)Crafted
651 grizzly bear glovesGrizzly Bear Gloves (HQ)Crafted
681 dashing dhalmelskin jacketDashing Dhalmelskin Jacket (HQ)Crafted
701 large gagana capeLarge Gagana Cape (HQ)Crafted
11 hempen yarnHempen YarnEngerrand
53 hempen breechesHempen BreechesIron Thunder
1012 undyed hempen clothUndyed Hempen ClothEngerrand
151 cotton scarfCotton Scarf
1 cotton shepherd's slopsCotton Shepherd's Slops
Iron Thunder
201 cotton actonCotton Acton + Any Materia IIron Thunder
251 undyed velveteen hqUndyed Velveteen (HQ)Market Board
301 velveteen gaitersVelveteen Gaiters (HQ)Market Board
351 linen shirtLinen Shirt (HQ)Market Board
401 woolen tightsWoolen Tights (HQ)Market Board
451 woolen beretWoolen Beret (HQ)
1 woolen gaskinsWoolen Gown (HQ)
1 woolen gaskinsWoolen Gaskins (HQ)
Market Board
501 patrician's bottomsPatrician's Bottoms (HQ)
1 patrician's wedge capPatrician's Wedge Cap (HQ)
1 patrician's coateePatrician's Coatee (HQ)
Market Board
531 holy rainbow glovesHoly Rainbow Gloves (HQ)Market Board
551 holy rainbow hat of healingHoly Rainbow Hat of Healing (HQ)Market Board
583 crawler silkCrawler Silk (HQ)Market Board
601 chivalric doublet of healingChivalric Doublet of HealingMarket Board
631 elegant bustleElegant Bustle (HQ)Crafted
651 winsome spring dressWinsome Spring Dress (HQ)Crafted
681 seductive bustierSeductive Bustier (HQ)Crafted
701 tennyo hagoromoTennyo Hagoromo (HQ)Crafted
11 distilled waterDistilled WaterEngerrand
53 antidoteAntidoteBlue Lily
1012 beeswaxBeeswaxJossy
151 potion of intelligencePotion of Intelligence
1 potion of dexterityPotion of Dexterity
Blue Lily
201 engraved hard leather grimoireEngraved Hard Leather Grimoire + Any Materia IFaezghim
251 natron hqNatron (HQ)Market Board
303 weak blinding potionWeak Blinding Potion (HQ)Market Board
351 hi-etherHi-Ether (HQ)Market Board
403 hi-potion of strengthHi-Potion of Strength (HQ)Market Board
451 mega-potion of intelligenceMega-Potion of Intelligence (HQ)
1 mega-potion of mindMega-Potion of Mind (HQ)
1 mega-potion of vitalityMega-Potion of Vitality (HQ)
Market Board
501 budding rosewood wandBudding Rosewood Wand (HQ) + 1 quicktongue materia iiiQuicktongue Materia IIIMarket Board
533 enchanted mythrite inkEnchanted Mythrite Ink (HQ)Market Board
553 grade 1 intelligence dissolventGrade 1 Intelligence Dissolvent (HQ)Market Board
581 draconian potion of strengthDraconian Potion of Strength (HQ)Market Board
601 noble goldNoble Gold (HQ)Market Board
631 intellectuaryIntellectuary (HQ)Crafted
651 twice-fermented mun-tuy juiceTwice-fermented Mun-Tuy Juice (HQ)Crafted
681 luminolLuminol (HQ)Crafted
701 potent dissolventPotent Dissolvent (HQ)Crafted
11 maple syrupMaple SyrupCrafted**
51 grilled troutGrilled TroutMarket Board
102 grilled dodoGrilled DodoMarket Board
151 meat miq'abobMeat Miq'abobCrafted***
201 dried plumsDried PlumsMarket Board
251 aldgoat steakAldgoat SteakMarket Board
301 smoked raptorSmoked Raptor (HQ)Market Board
351 ratatouilleRatatouille (HQ)Market Board
401 blood currant tartBlood Currant Tart (HQ)
1 pastry fishPastry Fish (HQ)
1 chamomile teaChamomile Tea (HQ)
Market Board
451 dzemael gratinDzemael Gratin (HQ)Market Board
501 eft steakEft Steak (HQ)
1 beef stewBeef Stew (HQ)
1 trapper's quicheTrapper's Quiche (HQ)
1 crowned pieCrowned Pie (HQ)
Market Board
531 ishgardian teaIshgardian Tea (HQ)
1 sohm al tartSohm Al Tart
Market Board
551 kaiser rollKaiser Roll (HQ)
1 beet soupBeet Soup (HQ)
1 grilled sweetfishGrilled Sweetfish (HQ)
Market Board
581 cockatrice meatballsCockatrice Meatballs (HQ)Market Board
601 morel saladMorel Salad (HQ)
1 deep-fried okeanisDeep-Fried Okeanis (HQ)
1 marron glaceMarron Glace (HQ)
Market Board
631 doman rice ballsDoman Rice Balls (HQ)Crafted
651 doman udon brothDoman Udon Broth (HQ)Crafted
681 nigiri-zushiNigiri-zushi (HQ)Crafted
701 doman sukiyakiDoman Sukiyaki (HQ)Crafted

Materials for Level 63-70 Class Quest items are supplied by NPC

  • *12 copper ringsCopper Rings crafted from 12 copper ingotCopper Ingots (Engerrand)
  • **1 maple syrupMaple Syrup crafted from 1 maple sapMaple Sap (Engerrand)
  • ***1 meat miq'abobMeat Miq'abob ingredients sold by Jossy

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