Crafter BiS Gear and Materia Melds Guide

This guide will show you the optimal materia melds for the Aesthete’s Crafting Gear, which is the BiS (Best in Slot) for Crafters in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4. The gear and melds chosen will allow you to Macro craft any recipe in the game; including the latest recipes while only requiring the commonly found Blood Bouillabaisse (HQ) food and Cunning Craftsman’s Syrup (HQ) for added convenience.

Aesthete's Crafting Gear Melds & Stats

These melds will achieve base stats of 2745 Craftsmanship, 2727 Control and 554 CP.

Note: Main Hand / Off Hand Tools will only require one Craftsman’s Cunning V (CP +6) or higher. It is entirely optional to meld more Craftsman Command VIII and VII Materia to your Tools for an extra Control boost. Melding for additional Control would grant you 2815 Control total, although this could become expensive to do for all classes considering the gains.

These gearset will allow you to craft every recipe in the game with Macros. Blood Bouillabaisse (HQ) is the food of choice for higher level crafts as it is very easy to acquire. Cunning Craftsman’s Syrup (HQ) is only required for Level 80 ★★★★ Recipes.

How to Acquire Aesthete's Crafting Gear

The fastest way to obtain the full Aesthete’s Crafting Set is to buy it directly from the Market Board. Otherwise, you will have to grind out the materials and craft the items yourself. It is highly recommended to just buy the gear from the Market Board, time spent grinding out gear to equip would be better spend crafting gear to sell for profit. It can cost roughly 6 Million (3 Mil for Gear / Tools + 3 Mil for Materia) to fully gear up your crafter.

Check out to search the Market Board on all servers to find the lowest prices.

DIY Blacksmith - Craft Tools Yourself

It is possible to save a significant amount of gil by buying / melding the full Aesthete’s Crafting Set with Blacksmith Main / Off Hand Tools and then crafting the remaining tools yourself with Blacksmith Recipes as a starting point.

Crafting as a Service can be used to create a Crafting List for all the Tools except Blacksmith. Craft the Blacksmith recipes first, then Carpenter followed by Armorer and then finally the Goldsmith recipes.

With our proposed BiS Gearset and Materia melds, all Level 80 ★★★ Aesthete’s Tools can be crafted easily with the following macro:

Example Recipe: Aesthete’s Pliers
Level: 80 ★★★
Durability: 70
Difficulty: 7414
Craftsmanship: 2745, Control: 2727, CP: 554
Food: Blood Bouillabaisse (HQ)
Potion: None
FFXIV Teamcraft Simulation
Notes: 100% HQ Chance with No HQ Mats

Macro #1

/ac "Muscle Memory" <wait.3>
/ac "Inner Quiet" <wait.2>
/ac Manipulation <wait.2>
/ac Veneration <wait.2>
/ac "Waste Not" <wait.2>
/ac Groundwork <wait.3>
/ac Groundwork <wait.3>
/ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Preparatory Touch" <wait.3>
/ac Innovation <wait.2>
/ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
/echo Macro #1 finished <se.1>

Macro #2

/ac Innovation <wait.2>
/ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
/ac "Prudent Touch" <wait.3>
/ac Innovation <wait.2>
/ac "Great Strides" <wait.2>
/ac "Byregot's Blessing" <wait.3>
/ac "Basic Synthesis" <wait.3>
/echo Craft finished <se.2>

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