Crafting Collectable & Regional Folklore Guide (Updated for 6.4)

This is a guide on farming Collectables to exchange for white gatherers' scripWhite / purple gatherers' scripPurple Gatherers' Scrips in Final Fantasy XIV, and how to unlock the Regional Folklore Gathering Locations.

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Level 90 Gatherer Classes

  • It is expected that you will have both minerMIN and botanistBTN Classes at Level 90

HQ & Melded Gatherer Gear

  • Collectables Gathering is heavily stat dependent, it is strongly advised to be equipped with gear that is appropriate for your level
  • Only minimal Gathering stat melds are required but it is not recommended to venture out there with no melds at all, unless you intend on upgrading your armour every 3 levels
  • Check the BiS Gatherer Gearset Guide for recommendations

Unlocking Collectables

The Collectable system for Gatherers requires you to gather items from the Collectables tab in the Gathering Log and give them to the Collectables Appraiser in exchange for white gatherers' scripWhite or purple gatherers' scripPurple Gatherers' Scrips.

This is repeatable without limit and these Gatherers' Scrips can be used to buy Gear, Materials, Materia, Regional Folklore Trader's Tokens and more from the Scrip Exchange.

Gathering Log - Collectables

To unlock the Scrip Exchange NPCs, you simply need to:

  1. Complete the quest feature questInscrutable Tastes (Morgayne in Foundation X: 10.2 Y: 10.5)
  2. Complete the quest feature questGo West, Craftsman (Lydirlona in Mor Dhona X: 22.4 Y: 6.8)
  3. Speak to Galiena in Rhalgr's Reach (X: 9.8 Y: 12.5)
  4. Speak to Mowen in Eulmore (X: 11.4 Y: 10.7)
  5. Speak to Ofpilona in Radz-at-Han (X: 11.7 Y: 9.6)
Rhalgr's Reach galiena ffxiv craft gil buy ffxivgillionaire
Rhalgr's Reach (X: 9.8 Y: 12.5)
eulmore mowen ffxiv craft gil buy ffxivgillionaire
Eulmore (X: 11.4 Y: 10.7)

You'll then be able to gather Collectables and hand them in to the Collectables Appraiser for White or Purple Gatherers' Scrips so you can purchase items from the Scrip Exchange.

Collectables Appraiser
Scrip Exchange

Farming Gatherers' Scrips

Gathering Collectables is not as complicated as it seems, and far easier at Level 90 compared to doing while Leveling. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Have 600 GP before interacting with the node
  • Use HQ Gear that is appropriate for your Level

Your aim while gathering Collectables is as follows:

  1. Increase Collectability to 1000, consider anything below 1000 as failed
  2. Preserve as much Integrity as possible; remaining Integrity is the biggest determinant of the number of Gatherers' Scrips (and EXP) that you will yield
Gathering Collectables

Gathering Rotation (Level 53+ / 600 GP)

Scrutiny Meticulous Prospector Scrutiny Meticulous Prospector Scrutiny Meticulous Prospector Meticulous Prospector

Use Scrutiny to buff the first two Meticulous Prospector, any Trait or Buff activations will decrease the number of Actions required to reach 1000 Collectability. Sometimes you will be exhausted of GP and 1x Scour will reach 1000 Collectability instead of 2x Meticulous Prospector so it is not advised to overly rely on Macros for gathering Collectables.

For farming white gatherers' scripWhite Gatherers' Scrips, it is better to gather from lower level locations, as they will grant a higher yield due to your level advantage.

The following table will show you the best route for farming White Gatherers' Scrips.  The Table can be sorted by ClassLevel or Eorzean Time. This Table will also includes nearby Gathering nodes for those who want to gather and restore GP while waiting for the Unspoiled Node to appear.

White Scrips Collectables Gathering Locations

wdt_ID Level Class Time (AM/PM) Name Location Nearby
2 51 MIN 04:00 Rarefied Pyrite The Dravanian Forelands Dravanian Spring Water
3 51 BTN 10:00 Rarefied Dark Chestnut Sap The Dravanian Forelands Dark Chestnut Log
4 57 MIN 02:00 Rarefied Abalathian Spring Water The Sea of Clouds Abalathian Spring Water
5 57 BTN 12:00 Rarefied Dark Chestnut The Dravanian Forelands Coneflower
6 61 MIN 08:00 Rarefied Raw Triphane The Fringes Gyr Abanian Alumen
7 61 BTN 02:00 Rarefied Larch Log The Ruby Sea Soybeans
8 63 MIN 10:00 Rarefied Raw Star Spinel The Ruby Sea Koppranickel Ore
9 63 BTN 04:00 Rarefied Shiitake Mushroom The Ruby Sea Larch Log
10 67 MIN 06:00 Rarefied Raw Azurite The Azim Steppe Doman Iron Sand
11 67 BTN 12:00 Rarefied Pine Resin Yanxia Daikon Radish
12 71 MIN 04:00 Rarefied Titancopper Ore Lakeland Bluespirit Ore
13 71 BTN 10:00 Rarefied Pixie Apple Il Mheg Blood Tomato
14 73 MIN 06:00 Rarefied Raw Lazurite The Rak'ika Greatwood Manasilver Sand
15 73 BTN 08:00 Rarefied White Oak Log Kholusia White Oak Log
16 77 MIN 08:00 Rarefied Sea Salt The Tempest
17 77 BTN 02:00 Rarefied Sandteak Log Amh Araeng Sandteak Log
18 79 MIN 02:00 Rarefied Reef Rock The Tempest
19 79 BTN 04:00 Rarefied Kelp The Tempest
20 81 MIN 12:00 Rarefied Raw Ametrine Labyrinthos Sharlayan Rock Salt
21 81 BTN 02:00 Rarefied Palm Log Thavnair Palm Log
22 83 MIN 06:00 Rarefied Bismuth Ore Mare Lamentorum Bismuth Ore
23 83 BTN 04:00 Rarefied Red Pine Log Garlemald Red Pine Log
24 87 MIN 02:00 Rarefied Phrygian Gold Ore Garlemald Phrygian Gold Ore
25 87 BTN 12:00 Rarefied Sykon Elpis Ironwood Log
26 89 MIN 10:00 Rarefied Blue Zircon Elpis Ambrosial Water
27 89 BTN 06:00 Rarefied Dark Rye Labyrinthos Horse Chestnut Log

Priority of Gatherer Scrip Exchange

  • Regional Folklore Trader's Tokens
  • Level 90 Fishing Bait
  • Gathering Tools bought with purple gatherers' scripPurple Gatherers' Scrips
  • Revised EXP Manuals (if leveling)

How to Unlock Regional Folklore

Regional Folklore refers to Unspoiled Nodes that require a book to unlock. Tomes of Regional Folklore for Gathering are analogous to Master Books for Crafting, in that they are required to access to new Gathering Locations that are released in major updates for Final Fantasy XIV. Once unlocked, these locations will become visible in your Gathering Log and will now appear during their  corresponding time windows.

Gathering Log: Regional Folklore
Splendors Vendor (Fieldcraft Items)

Tomes of Regional Folklore can be purchased using Trader's Tokens, which themselves are purchased using white gatherers' scripWhite Gatherers' Scrips. The various Tomes of Regional Folklore are purchased from the Splendors Vendor (Fieldcraft Items) in:

  • Idyllshire (Level 60) – blue gatherers' scrip tokenBlue Gatherers' Scrip Token (45)
  • Rhalgr's Reach (Level 70) – regional folklore trader's token aRegional Folklore Trader's Token A (300)
  • Eulmore (Level 80) – regional folklore trader's token bRegional Folklore Trader's Token B (120)
  • Radz-at-Han (Level 90) – regional folklore trader's token cRegional Folklore Trader's Token C (144)

It is highly recommended to obtain the Level 90 Tomes of Regional Folklore first, as the lower level materials can be considered obsolete in comparison.

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