Limited Edition Chocorpokkur DLC Mount

The Gillionaire Girls have done it again! We are proud to announce that we have the limited time Chocorpokkur Mount available for sale.

This mount is super cute with a beautiful glittery heart effect that appears when flying.

In-game Description

Summon forth a chocorpokkur, which is… Well, perhaps you had best see it for yourself.

tasty chocorpokkur

The Chocorpokkur can be considered a remixed version of the green Korpokkur Kolossus Mount that is available from the Gold Saucer. Just as cute but twice as tasty; friends and foe-alike will be struggling to resist their temptation to take a bite!

All DLC Codes Now Sold Out !!

Sold Out

Slide How It Works If you've never bought or redeemed a gift item code before, we've got you covered ! We're always available via Live Chat or Discord if you have more questions Live Chat Discord 1 Place your order using the "Buy Now" button and receive a payment confirmation email 2 We will then send your 20-digit Chocorpokkur DLC Gift Code via email within 30 minutes. 3 Alternatively, you may contact us directly via Discord or Live Chat for instant delivery

Redeeming Your Item Code

We’ve included a step by step on how to redeem your 20-character DLC Gift Code via the Mog Station for Final Fantasy XIV.

  1. Log into the Mog Station
  2. Select [Account] from the top menumog station item code
  3. Select [Enter Item Code]mog station enter item code
  4. Scoll Down to the bottom of the page and enter your 20-character Item Codemog station enter item code digits
  5. Confirm the item and select character you wish to receive the item onmog station enter item code character
  6. Select [Next] and enjoy your new little big chocolate drop
Sold Out
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